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toddmgreen time machine is a collection of things I find interesting, beautiful, or inspiring. A new post appears every Tuesday at 10pm UK time.

I schedule them in advance for three reasons.

First, I think it’s an interesting way to separate what you might describe as my physical and digital ‘selves’. My digital self posts something every Tuesday at 10pm – but I’ve now got so many posts scheduled that my physical self has no idea what is going to appear each week.

Second, this blog acts as a history of my interests. Every post has a ‘Post created’ date on it. That date marks the date on which I came across the subject of the post. Earlier this week, on 15/11/11, I scheduled a post containing a quote by George Bernard Shaw. On 21/03/12, that post will appear on the blog. It’s a time machine that keeps reappearing.

Third, I aim ultimately to schedule so many posts that they are still appearing after I’m gone (hopefully that will require a lot of posts!). Most of the stuff that I put anywhere online will outlive me – perhaps I can also create things that aren’t even born until after I die.

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