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Daley is the boss.

The perfect image for the start of a new year.

And the perfect way to close out this blog - this is the final post. 79 in all. There’s a post on my main blog that explains why I’m closing it down. 

Thanks for reading!

~ Todd

Spotted: 23/09/12

Bryan Adams, Sting, and Rod Stewart - All For Love

This has long been a guilty pleasure for me. Merry Christmas everyone!

Post created: 06/08/12

Ira Glass, via 37Signals and the Code Academy Handbook

Spotted: 04/07/12

Cool poster from an excellent film
Spotted: 22/09/12

Cool poster from an excellent film

Spotted: 22/09/12

Sombrero galaxy

Image credit: NASA / The Hubble Heritage Team

Spotted: 01/05/12

Golden Gate Bridge - 75th anniversary artwork

From San Francisco, city of my dreams

Spotted: 25/05/12

99 Problems - Jay-Z

This song got me into hip-hop

Post created: 13 October 2012

"It’s essential to keep those people who know a thing can’t be done from bothering the people who are doing it"


Herb Sutter on Dennis Ritchie, creator of the programming language C

Spotted: 13 October 2011

Amazing pic of Roger Federer teeing off on a serve, via @zbnr.

Spotted: 06/08/12

Award-winning photo by Erin Quigley, from the DEEP Indonesia International Underwater Photo Competition. 

Spotted: 24/05/12